Matchmaking problem resolution

There has been a lot of problems with upcoming cards (injuries, sickness etc.)  I think there is also potential for fighter rebellion in some of these cases.  If the UFC wanted to become a true sports organization and eliminate the potential for politics in matchmaking they should always have a bracket in the weight classes that they turn to for matchmaking. 

Every weight class should be ranked 2-5 or with the goal of each fighter to be in the top 5 number one going to the champion.  In the case of the 185 pound weight class you would have Belfort/st1:place/st1:city, Hendo, Marquart, and Sonnen (or whoever they deem to be the top four besides the champion.  It would be understood that the goal of those 4 fighters is to eventually challenge the champ after making it through the mini 4 man bracket.  If Hendo and Belfort/st1:place/st1:city are matched up the winner would take on the winner of Marquadt and Sonnen.  The loser of these fights would be dropped from the top 4 and replaced with the 5 and 6 fighter.  That way their would be a clear road to the championship fights  Champs could fight at least twice a year against a deserving opponent and if in Belfort get hurt and Hendo doesn’t have an opponent the number 5 fighter could take his place.  The number 5 and 6 fighter could be given notice that he could have a fight coming in 8 weeks if there is a drop out so he could be somewhat prepared and if the fight doesn't go off he could have a fight schedule on the next card so he doesn’t waste his prep time.

Pretty dumb idea. You would end up with a lot of remataches and pretty much the same top 5 guys in your brackets for years at a time

 If you lose there should be a mandatory 2 fight win streak to get back into the top 5, Also the UFC should pay for the fighters camp who are the replacements