Material, Spiritual, Divine

I was talking with the night doorman, who happens to be a jewish that believes that Jesus is the Messiah.

His understanding of Jewish culture is interesting, he seems to be a clever and nice man.

He was talking to me that, where he studies, there is this concept of three dimensions.

The first one is this were we are used to live. The material dimension.

The second one is the spiritual dimension, where the spirits, or souls, live. We can barely touch them, like a two dimensional sheet of paper would have a weak reference of what a three dimensional fork may looks like.

The third one is the divine dimension, God´s dimension, where we don´t have human possibilities to find out how it works.

I did like this way of thought. It is not because I can see and listen to spirits that I have a stronger faith in God.

Yet every superior spirit I´ve met has always said that God exists.

"Yet every superior spirit I´ve met has always said that God exists. "

Donna, would you care to share with us your expriances with superior spirits?

He is not Jewish.

edit: And his understanding of the higher dimensions flies in the face Kab.


Very rare, very few. A couple of them thru other mediums. They usualy give general advices, like make charity, love each other, study, be patient, have faith, you are not alone.

My personal experience on being a medium for them myself, well, I can miss the words to describe it.

First, I feel like I´m very light, and any disturbing thought I may have vanishs away.

Second, and that is great, my heart/chest feels warm and open like giving energy - I believe that the cardiac chackra is working. This is one feeling I never had in my life before such experience. Nowadays, whenever I talk about unconditional Love, or feel it for someone, I experience this warming again. I think that this feeling is like a cornucopy, the opposite of enthropy. That is, the more you love, the more you have love to give.

Third, I experienced the constraint of my own limited culture. Mediumship is in its essence telepathy. Transmission of thoughts and feelings. Once there was a spirit trying to write a message. I got the ideas, and they were dressed with the best the Portuguese language could have expressed in poetry, but my knowledge of the language was not enough to put it on the paper with the proper words.


I never met a jew in person, and I only read about it. The closer I got to know the culture was watching "Yentl", and I´m sure it is not enough.

What is "the face Kab"?

Oh, yeah, "Have faith" is a good movie too.

Its ok not to know a Jew personally. I am BEYOND PISSED OFF when a member of Jews for Jesus or a similar group CLAIMS to be Jewish. The moment you violate one of the basic principals of Judaism (for example, accepting Jesus as the Messiah) you are no longer a Jew.

The expression in English is "flies in the face of". I do not know where it comes from but it means something like "going against everything we know and accept to be true". Kab is a refrence to the Kabballah (Jewish mysticism), there is a thread in the archives about it. Therefore, his statement went against everything the Kab. tells us about the nature of the universe.


I see your point, MS.

Yet I think it is a quite good scheme to put things in perspective.


Hope this works; (this was written in the form of a letter. If you don't understand some of terms, ask, I'll do what I can)

My Dearest Aaron Hershel,

Your thoughts on the nature of the human soul were
most interesting. Your tendency to speak of the soul as a separate entity is to my mind, however, wrong. Rather than think of the soul as a thing, think of it as human consciousness. According to tradition, human beings embody five levels of soul or consciousness, each one larger and more inclusive than the ones before it, and each revealing a specific aspect or dimension of reality.

The first and least inclusive is Nefesh; this is the level of soul that operates according to the dictates of nature, the dimension we call Assiyah. Nefesh tells your heart to beat and your lungs to breath. The second level is Ruach, instinct and primal emotion.
Ruach tells you to duck when a stone flies by your
head. It is Ruach that takes your breath away in a state of wonder. This is the dimension of life known as Yetzirah. Ruach and Nefesh are preconscious in that they operate without a sense of self. Full self-consciousness arises with the third level of soul, Neshamah. It is Neshamah that says I, me, and mine. It is Neshamah that insists it is separate and self-contained. Neshamah reveals the dimension of life called Beriah, the world of the ego. The fourth level of soul is Chayya, life consciousness, the level of consciousness that is aware of the interconnectedness of all things. This is the dimension of life called Atzilut. Atzilut reveals the realm of Ayn, while Beriah reveals the realm of Yesh. Chayya consciousness
still maintains a slight sense of self, but it
does not see itself as separate from other selves. Chayya sees itself as a knot in an infinitely knotted net, unique and yet at one with all other knots. Chayya knows itself as part of God but does not yet see itself as God. The fifth level of soul is Yechida, unity consciousness. Here there is no Yesh or Ayn, just a pure contentless knowing without knower or known. Yechida is completely at one with God. When the great kabbalist Abraham Abulafia [1240–1291] proclaimed at the height of mystic revelry, Ani hu! (I am He), he was speaking from the perspective of Yechida where everything is known as a manifestation of the one thing, God. This is the dimension of Adam Kadmon, primal reality, in which the totality of God's shlemut, nonduality, is manifest.


All five levels of consciousness and all five dimensions of reality are present in each of us at all times. We tend to focus on one dimension or another depending on which
level of consciousness is called into play. For example: We become aware of Assiyah and Nefesh when something is wrong with us physically. A broken leg demands we focus on Assiyah and pulls us away from other modes of knowing to concentrate and deal with our pain. We become aware of Yetzirah and Ruach when we
are confronted with unexpected danger or an overwhelming emotion. We become aware of Beriah and Neshamah every time we say I, me, mine. This is the world that occupies most of our attention. It is the world in which we feel most at home. It is also the world from which most of our suffering comes. We become aware of Atzilut and Chayya when we sleep, when we are deep in prayer or selfless meditation, or when we are gifted with a sudden insight or intuition that comes from beyond our Neshamah. Both sleep and meditation quiet Neshamah's incessant I'ing and we are
exposed to a more inclusive reality. Intuition happens
only when the Neshamah is quiet, for only then can intuition be heard above the din of Beriah. We "become aware" of Adam Kadmon and Yechidah when we are aware of nothing at all. This is the paradox of Yechida consciousness: it is that aspect of ourselves that realizes there are no selves. You do not know you are Yechida conscious because there is no you to know
in Adam Kadmon. Only when you return to Chayya or
Neshamah from an awakening of Yechida can you sense
the experience. You feel lighter, more joyous, at peace
with self and other, and filled with compassion for everyone and everything.

There is much to think about here. I will leave you to
do so.


Thanks, MS!!!

I know about it thru other means, and with other names, but I`m quite sure they talk about the same thing. Even science is approaching this level of understanding of the physical brain, that is, different levels of perceptions are located in different areas of the brain.

The book "Hands of Light" details it extensively, and it is quite an experience to read it. Beautiful illustrations. Anyone that is used to the concepts of chakras and centers of energy of the body should read it. It is worth a reading, specialy for those that works with healing processes.

I don´t have the link, but I`ve watched a report talking about the brain, and how the scientists discovered that there is one location of the brain dedicated exclusively to the divine. Interesting, uh?

Have you read some of the Kundalini manuals?

I´ve heard about it, but never actualy read about it.

note: be peaceful when you do this


Thanks for the link. :-)