Math question for the OG

There are 100 children in a class, 40 girls and 60 boys. Each student was given a test. 50 students passed the test, 50 students failed.

Of the passing students 30 were girls and 20 were boys.

What is the passing rate / percentage for boys and girls?

Is it?

Boys 20/60 = 33%
Girls 30/40 = 75%

Boys 20/50 = 40%
Girls. 30/50 = 60%

What say the OG?




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Yes please

This thread summarizes well why COVID statistics are so poorly understood

Joking :slight_smile:


the passing rate for all boys is A.
the percentage of passing students that were boys is B


Leave it to the doc to see behind the curtain…this is how my hospital presents their covid numbers for employees every morning…I have an email sitting in draft form to send to the guy runs employee health… I’m not sure I’m going to send it what’s the point?



I shared this question with my five year old who said:
This question doesn’t even take into account the inherent sexism baked into the patriarchal classroom setting nor does it provide recourse for the terrible grades that resulted from these institutions of misogyny.

I’m literally shaking rn.



Get a grip Nytrons!

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can you be more specific?

Conditional probabilities trick some folks…

But if someone doesn’t understand this, they will not understand COVID stats as doc notes

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Can’t be A because it doesn’t add to 100%. I kid I kid

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I wish high school taught basic probability and statistics.

Great stuff!


Not really joking

I don’t think many folks on either side really understand the COVID statistics or risk. Some of it is nuanced

When I was in high school ( way back ) there was no advanced math classes. There were about a dozen of us ( not a large school ) who basically got 100% on every math test. Senior year one of the teachers decided to teach a new math class. It was probabilities and statistics and what he refered to as baby math (calculus). He was an awesome teacher because of the way he taught it. His tests were very hard and many wanted to quit because getting a 60% in the class would hurt their GPA. He told everyone don’t worry because you all are getting A s. He just wanted to use the tests to see how much farther he go go into the subject. He said everyone getting A s didn’t reveal if he was to easy on us not tell him how far we could go. Best teacher I ever had


Well There It Is Jurassic Park GIF

Sounds awesome. Push students and expect alot.

I do love applied math/stats. Very useful in life. I didn’t see much of it until grad school unfortunately.


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I may actually pursue a degree in data science. I’m 41, no degree, I’m an IT Director, make great money, and I don’t really need a degree at this juncture in my life.

But statistics/probability/data science appeals to me and may help me become a CIO - a spot I won’t see without a degree I think.

Do it, FAGGOT!

I find it fascinating.

And it should help you think about IT more analytically. And commercially

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