Matt Brown & I go Head2Head on UFC 168

In our latest Celebrity Head to Head event break down, Matt Brown and I pick sides on UFC 168's top three fights. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading and thanks to Matt for taking time to do it!

Here is a taste. Click the link for the full feature:

Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva II for the UFC middleweight title:

Matt Brown: I’m picking Anderson in this one.

I think Anderson going to have more respect for what Weidman brings to the table and so will be more prepared this time. The first fight Silva was probably feeling invincible, indestructible. I think Anderson will come back with a lot of fire in his heart.

Cagewriter: Matt, an Anderson Silva pick is never a bad one but how do you think the former champ will really be able to deal with the loss psychologically? He didn’t just get flash knocked out. He got hit with three straight left hooks, then got dropped and got beat up on the ground some more.

Before that, in the first round, he was taken down easily, controlled and hit with big shots before almost getting caught in a leg lock. I think Weidman takes this one not just because of the way their skills match up but also because now I think it’s clear he has the clear mental advantage. Also, I think this fight might be happening a little too soon for Anderson. He got concussed and then basically got right back into training for this rematch.

Matt Brown: I hear you, Elias, but Anderson Silva is a master, not just physically but mentally. I think he’ll come back fine from that loss because he’s had tough fights before and come back to win. A lot of people forget that before he came to the UFC, Silva had lost before and lost badly. He is able to respond well to losses.


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