Matt Brown!!!!

If this guy beats silva in impressive fashion please give the guy a title fight, I know he hasn't faced a top 10 dude but 7 in a row would be quite the argument ! Matt brown is exciting and always comes to fight, he doesn't say no to fights. Give this guy his shot Dana, the division is stacked right now I know but this guy is a beast and I want him to have his shot!! Phone Post 3.0

Don't know about title fight. Phone Post 3.0

Matt brown always comes to fight and hes exciting. Would much rather see him fight for the title rather than woodley or macdonald. Phone Post 3.0

Me aswel! I think he made a bad decision accepting silva fight cause he should be fighting a ranked guy but at the end of the day that is Matt brown he never says no to a fight Phone Post 3.0

I like all his fights, but would really like to see him against any of the 6 guys ranked above him according to the ufc. This is a super dangerous fight for him.

He has been training at westside barbell and his strength is going through the roof...he's always had good cardio. Phone Post 3.0

He will smash silva I reckon but it is very very dangerous Phone Post 3.0

Minus well give him a tye tell shot.
Otherwise he will be treated like an escape goat.
To be pacific and for all intensive purposes Matt Brown is a blessing in da skys for this division.