Matt Dillion. Is he still getting roles?

Watching Something About Mary rerun. Haven't seen him in anything for awhile. What happened to him? Any recent films? Was he jealous of his brothers success?

I liked him as Bukowski in Factotum.

Lol im watching that right now and was thinking the same. Its like youre in my brain. Phone Post

He is johnny drama's real life broda! Phone Post 3.0

Torn between that and motogp just started on one. Phone Post 3.0

fandb - He is johnny drama's real life broda! Phone Post 3.0

You mean the brother I referred to as his brother in the first post? Thanks.

Nah not really.

I last saw him in Crash and then some heist film called Armoured.

Dude was huge in the 80's,he was kind of washed up even when something about mary came out.

I just seen him in some movie with Willam dafoe, played some Aryan brotherhood badass. Wasn't a bad flick but could've been a lot better. Phone Post 3.0

Name of the film was "bad country". Phone Post 3.0

Just googled his name and has done a bunch of work recently, just nothing big. Phone Post 3.0

You mean Dallas Winston? Phone Post 3.0

Just watched him and Kurt Russel stink it up in 'Art of the Heist'

Fuck me, I was just watching Something about Mary on TV tonight and I thought "I wonder what Mat Dillon's up to these days!" Phone Post 3.0

That's so crazy. I was watching it too. My friends couldn't believe it when I told them it wasn't actually Johnny Drama! Phone Post 3.0

I always wondered what happened to his career. Even now, he's working and doing better than 99% actors, but as someone said, he was so huge in the 80s.

yeah it is weird that he kind of just fell off the radar back in late 80s...ive seen him in a few recent movies but they were all shitty B movies..must be hard to be at the top and then have to go to the sets of shitty B movies...

outsiders, tex, motorcycle boy and quite a few other similar type movies that were out when I was a kid. He always played the coolest kid on the block.

he was good in Crash too.

He just shot a 10 episode TV show called Wayward Pines produced by M Night Shaymalan. Show airs this summer.

wheeels - Just watched him and Kurt Russel stink it up in 'Art of the Heist'
Was that ever bad Phone Post 3.0