Matt Furey and Tim Larkin??

Just took a look at a recent Grappling magazine and there was a full page ad by Matt Furey with the title "EXPOSED!"

He said he saw these video ads by a guy called Tim Larkin and checked him out, meaning to expose him as a fraud. Anyway Matt claims to have been so impressed he signed up for a training camp! And that the training camp was awesome.

So he pays for this 1 page ad in Grappling just to tell people about it. It sounds nuts. Tim Larkin, I seem to remember, was a big part of the SCARS team before he went out on his own, suddenly teaching some amazing system.

Interesting how Furey, SCARS and Larkin all use the exact same type of 'in your face' advertising too.

Anyone know what the story is with Matt and Tim?