Matt Furey's products

What do people here think of Matt Furey's products? I'm thinking about ordering something from him, probably his new book "Kick Ass - Take Names" (or whatever it's called). Has anybody here ordered this book and what do you think of it?

I've been around the MMA scene for a long time so I'm already familiar with Matt Furey from his colums and the stories about him on-line, and I've got a video seminar on tape with him and Tony Checchine. I also know about the breakup and bad blood between those two.

My take on Matt Furey is this. The guy comes off like a rude jerk sometimes, but dispite this he seems to have a lot of knowledge.

"I've been around the MMA scene for a long time so I'm already familiar with Matt Furey from his colums and the stories about him on-line" Then you should know better than to waste your money...

got a book from him last year, it was ok, then found myself getting billed for CD's he would send you in the mail of him talking to some other 'experts'. When i wrote to him asking WTF, i got no answer, and had to calll my CC company.

Wow, a lot of people really dislike Matt Furey. Like I said before, I already knew that the guy can be a rude jerk, but I was under the impression that he knew his shit.

I'm interested in getting some more opinions about Matt Furey from people who have ordered his products. Also, has anyone here ever trained with him? If so, how did that go?

What do people here think of Tony Checchine? I've got some of Tony's stuff and he impresses the hell out of me.

NO, I have not been sold by Matt Furey. I just want to get more opinions and information. That is why I'm asking here. I figure that out of the thousands of people who post here there must be people here who've trained with him or ordered his products.

Regardless of what type of person he is as far as marketing goes some of his material is ok. I have a few of his tapes and while some of them I found to be terrible I did like others. His "How to Hook a Heavyweight..." video was pretty good in my opinion anyhow. I also like two tapes from his Farmer Burns series. The rest of the series was rather Hokie to me though. His material is way overpriced compared to what's on the market though.

There's nothing wrong with Furey's products per se, other than the information therein could be gleaned fairly easily from the internet by anyone who can use a search engine, but for which he charges big bucks and applies OTT marketing strategies and blurbs.

He's a big strong guy, but his "record" in combat sports sounds overhyped, and he's not fought anyone in MMA, BJJ or sub wrestling with a legit record.

The fact that he's fallen out with so many former "mentors" and business partners should also tell you something. Not something good.

Tnoy Cecchine's tapes that I've seen are good. Most criticism I've seen of him relates to his lack of a solid fight record (which, unlike Furey he makes no inflated clims about) but few seem to criticise the content of what he sells. As a BJJ student, I certainly learned from his tapes and found the BJJ/catch contrasts interesting.

I saw quite a lot of the Cecchine and Furey videos. There's interesting stuff but you can find it elsewhere for less money. I attended a Furey seminar which was similar to the stuff shown on the 'how to hook a heavyweight...'. It was interesting and good, but I was surprised that Furey didn't roll with anyone at the end.

That said... Just for fun I looked him up in sherdog's fighter finder.. "We found 0 Fighter(s) matching your search criteria." Yeah of course there are tons of great instructors that haven't fought, but Furey makes the claims.

My final advice is just to avoid him. I don't think his advertisements are very honest and the prices are highway robbery. THERE ARE OTHER PLACES TO GET THIS INFO AND MAYBE BETTER INFO.

Take the money you have and send it to the Red Cross, they will need it to help the Tsunami victims in south Asia. You will improve your grappling more from doing that than by just giving your money to Matt Furey.

While I can't take the Matt Furey ads totally seriously, I do give him respect for his seeming marketing prowess.....what he specializes in is Direct Response marketing, very similar to what Charles Atlas did 50 years ago selling his Dynamic Tension exercies ( remember the old ads of the guy getting sand kciked in his face at the beach and vowing to workout)....Furey has copied that and refined it with some additional courseS....

I recently saw Furey's ads on CBS Sportsline website I believe as well as possibly on Mens Health.....he plays up on selling emotional benefits with lots of testimonials and free add-ons.......he must be banking coin when you see the higher profile ads he's doing......MAKE FUN OF HIM ALL YOU WANT GUYS BUT HE IS DOING SOMETHING, NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT, AND SNICKERING AT ALL THE INTERNET CYNICS ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK....

Bad Karma catches up to people, regardless of their financial success.


If anything stick to his fitness and conditioning tapes.

His submission tapes are not very good. On some of them he is clearly out of his element. Off-balance and not in control. His self defense tapes are a joke and will get you hurt.

I don't like him because he made a mockery of conditioning and Catch/submission. He tried to pass himself off as a conditioning "expert" and the "king of catch". He is nothing but a fraud.

He has done alot of damage.

I downl... ehh, found some videos of his in a dumpster behind the abandoned gold mine.

I think they were the Combat Stretching videos and some push-up workout thing. They were pretty bad. And by that, I mean I felt like I wasted my time watching them.

I have gotten a lot of use out of his basic conditioning stuff (hindu squats, pushups, back bridge). I figured I couldn't go wrong with those because they came directly from Karl Gotch and am very happy with them. Some of the other stuff I can't really speak for cuz I haven't seen them but, like others have said, you could find on the internet anyway (handstand pushups, etc).

As far as his submission videos, taking into consideration the fact that Rickson tooled one of Gotch's best fighters (Funaki) and the ridiculously high prices, I'd say stick to BJJ and the basic conditioning stuff and forget about it. If you can find Karl Gotch's conditioning tape, get that also. It is very good. Cecchine's stuff looks good at first but after you play around with it a little, you realize it's not of much value.

King Wily is an idiot.

Stick to BJJ? That's smart: stick to a limited style like jiujitsu instead of full submission. No thanks. I suggest you do more than just play with holds. Get to actually KNOW things before you dismiss them.

Funaki was not Gotch's best student. And Funaki is done, totally worn out. Rickson was still fit and healthy and is very good.

Gotch's top japanese student was Fujiwara.

If you think you know about Gotch's conditioning because you read some Matt Furey stuff, you are very wrong.

Funaki was 10 years younger than Rickson.

I would also say that BJJ control with high percentage submissions is more efficient than just going for exotic locks from all positions.

Guapo, that makes more sense to me. If his books suck, that's
fine i duno I haven't read 'em, but he's a former Dan Gable
wrestler which I know is a tough thing to be, and his column
in Grappling always made me think about conditioning in diff
ways. Thats all the positive things I can say for sure though,
the rest would be speculation