Matt Gaetz, Trumper sycophant, is going to prison?!

This is trending now, follow along here:

New developments overnight:

One Trumper down, 999999 more to go.

Tick tock…

Federal pound him in the ass prison?

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last i checked there needed to be a judgement or a verdict before a sentence is handed down


Yep, true. That’s why I put a question mark in the title. Twitter is already convinced he’s going to Federal pound in ass prison

Forcible intercourse with multiple minors and their parents all settled for money? Interesting.

Damn… are those posts real? I figured Donny liked them young but young boys too? WTF

Fuck all the Pedos… send them to that island off Brazil that is uninhabited due to the number of poisonous snakes… and leave them with no food. Let them fight and try and survive poision pedo island.

Saw on twitter that this info has been available for years. I cant speak to the authenticity of it. Settling for millions after your 10 year old was raped seems odd though. Not saying its true or untrue but why not any criminal charges/trials? Why settle for money? Lack of evidence? If I were a parent and this happened to my child I’d do everything I could to go to trial. Money is nice but I’d feel sick spending it knowing it came from my child being raped and the rapist walking free.

Well he’s the subject of an investigation that his buddy is already doing time on over 30 felony counts for. If Gaetz had anything to do with it is imagine Greenberg is going to be tempted to flip in order to get out a little early. Not looking good for Matt at all. Too bad this didn’t unfold a year ago, he could have bought a pardon from Trump


No it’ll take a while, but if he’s flying little girls around so he can fuck them for money then I hope he gets crushed under the full weight of the law

Excellent opportunity to try out the new Ignore function

Lol!!! You shitbags are hilarious! You magatard fuckwads publicly convict Biden because he whispered in a kids ear but give trump and Gaetz a pass for this shit?

How do you even look at yourselves in the mirror without laughing at how pathetic you are?


Umm, Im not sure if you know what a conviction is.

and I dont laugh at my reflection because it doesnt look like you.

Yep, if you Google that stamped case number, the case comes right up!

have links to any actual judgement or do you just have untested allegations?

Unless I’m missing something (googled the stamped case number for the katie johnson case) and it says that the case was dismissed as the defendant “failed to state a civil rights claim against defendant…”

Is there anything else more concrete about these child rape cases?

Twitter was also convinced of our election being hacked before it was convinced of Russian collusion before it was convinced of Russia influencing the election outcome before it was convinced of quid pro quo before it was convinced of insurrection. Twitter’s track record on orange man and his supporters (like Nick Sandman) is embarrassingly poor.

I’d find better sources EasyTron.

She was forced to drop the lawsuit after multiple death threats.

The existence of the case at least gives the allegations more weight than anything relating to Qanon or ANTIFA, both of which are just a far right fantasy.

Posting 5 year old articles from Vox…lol…break times over…back to your shift in that mens bathroom stall at the park

Did anyone read about the his political ally Joel Greenberg?

Anyone know what he was arrested for?

Seems like Joel Greenberg was quite the character