Matt Gaetz, Trumper sycophant, is going to prison?!

A peculiar twist: If Trump had won re-election then Gaetz’s alleged trafficking over state lines would have made that crime federal, and therefore pardonable. If Matt was just having sex with local Florida teens/prostitutes then it’s a state crime and therefore no pardon.

So it’s unclear if Matt was “importing” girls/women from other states due to this technicality and/or, well, you know, Florida women …

Joel Greenberg is facing time for stealing 400 k from tax payers and running a crypto mining operation lol…

Oh and he also stalked his political opponents by sent to his political opponents job alleging he was sexually assaulting students.

Below is a letter that Greenberg is accused of sending to school officials, posing as an anonymous “concerned student,” detailing false allegations of sexual misconduct by his opponent, according to prosecutors.

Regardless seems like Gaetz liked the young women and now is paying the toll of liking them a little too young

Sure did. These guys were so brazen with their crimes it’s like they had no fear at all of repercussions. Can’t wait to see that weasel flip on Gaetz

He seems like a piece of shit, but this thread has a weird vibe. I don’t like it.


Or should I say Orly Taitz. Remember her? She filed lawsuits, too. Did that make her claims more credible?

lol at kyle kulinski as a source

Yeah this whole thing seems muddled as shit. I watched part of that video and it sounds like the worst thing he did was potentially pay (or provide gifts) for sex, and it is alleged one of the women was 17, but this is reported by an anonymous source “close to the investigation”.

This thread is a mess with random Trump allegations thrown in too, because of muh TDS. Does anyone have specifics/proof on if there is an investigation in to Gaetz and what exactly they are investigating? Did this guy just pay grown women to have sex with him, or did he do much worse, like sleep with an underage girl, potentially even his own niece?

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QQ more Qnoobs. The radical right are the kid fuckers. Wake the fuck up.

So I watched Matt in the documentary, The Swamp. Man I like the guy. He’s a cool dude. Hope this isn’t true.

Nytron is hoping so bad that some teenager was fucked by an older guy just so he can feel good about his party.




This aged bad for op.

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Better yet, brazilian rape torture prison.

Is he in jail yet? Any day now I suppose…