Matt Grice vs Jason Black -UFC 77

What say you?

Matt Grice 8-1 MMA vs. Jason Black 21-3-1

Rest of the Card:

-Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin

-Alan Belcher vs. Kalib Starnes

-Marvin Eastman vs. Demian Maia

-Eric Schafer vs. Stephan Bonnar

-Jorge Gurgel vs. Doug Evans

-Josh Burkman vs. TBA

- Matt Grice vs. Jason Black

Hopefully they add...

Vera vs. Arlovski

- Tito Vs. Rashad 2

Hopefully Jason Black doesn't look like Skeletor at the weigh-ins this time. And hope he wins.

Good luck JASON BLACK!!! :)


so easy a caveman could do it! Good luck Jason!

Is this at 155 or 170?

Haven't seen Blacks last fight but from what I have heard he looked like crap at 155.

He looked ridiculous at the weighins

didnt monte cox say that black was at like 8% body fat at 170 and when he cut to 155 he was like 3.5%?

this is getting ridiculous with the weight cutting. black looked like crap from that massive cut and got manhandled by thiago tavares.


tavares is no joke though its not like black got beat by a can

Honestly, I couldn't tell if Black looked bad last fight or if Tavares was just THAT good. Tavares looked amazing on the ground.

yes, tavares is a stud but i think some of it had to do with the massive cut. black should just stick to fighting at 170 instead of killing himself to get to 155. its like another case of joe riggs.

ow yea also black via tko or submission

IF they dont ADD something I am not going to pay for that... I mean the only fight worth anything is Franklin vs Silva but Rich is going to get retired this time.... so why pay for that?

Grice TKO Round 2

im kinda pissed about this card, this was going to be my first ufc ppv and i only good fight i would like to see is a rematch!

I dunno who to pick, as each of them holds a win over one of my best friends and training partners.

...but Grice really is all class all day.

I'll take Grice.

Could definitely see Grice winning this one. I think he'll surprise some people.

Grice all the way..

isnt vera/sylvia already on the card?

anyone know what happened to Evan Tanner. i sen he was rumored to fight soon. but hes not on any cards.