Matt Hamill at 185 = champ?

Just wondering what y'all think seeing as how Mr. Hamill sent 3 serious forces at middleweight to that weight class and running from 205.

Bisping, Munoz, and Boetsch got handled by Munoz and are now all top 10 middleweights. Phone Post

Munoz beat himself up? Phone Post

U mean hamill Phone Post

Obvious I mean Hamill. Just had a mild brain fart while eating this double down from KFC. ALL TIS GOOD NOW. Phone Post

Nope Phone Post

Mike Morris - Munoz beat himself up? Phone Post

Well to be fair, Munuz did smash his head on his knee pretty hard after gettin kicked by Hamill. Gif anyone? Phone Post

maybe if anderson held him down and elbowed him up and down.