Matt Hamill clearly won vs Bisping

Sorry to bring back old news but I just watched it again (sober)and that decision makes me sick.


Yeah, we didn't really discuss this at all the first time around. Thanks for bringing it back our attention.

besides noone even agrees with you here..Bisping dominated!!

The judges were trying to please the home crowd so if the fight was close it was going to Bisping.

That fight should have been held in the States.

off topic...Judo kicks ass!

On the UFC dvd it says Bisping.....At it says Bisping but I guess you must be right!

this decision was a travesty and just showed that a fighters marketing helps more in decisions than actual performance

and in other news-

the sky is blue

the sun is hot

snow is cold

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His name is Bisbeng.

You are very dumb!

really bad decision imo

Everybody get indoors!!!

A 747 jet just slammed into the Twin Towers!!!

Wow, tower favorite. lol I admire the comittment but timing is gunna be your biggest hurdle.

Hey, it's been 6 years......

I watch the footage monthly.

Thanks Alot!! I was trying to forget that mess of a dec. and of sportsmanship.

Watch the Bustamante fight from last night... you'll see an even bigger robbery.

Mark Hamill clearly lost the first match though.

Happy NEW Year !

"if the fight was close it was going to Bisping"

That's just wasn't close.

Matt dominated him convincingly.

Judges were licking hometown nuts.

Sadly the only judge to score the fight properly was the judge from England.

The other two baboons were from USA.

Happy New Year FullPint!