Matt Hamill TUF3 Future Star

Matt Hamill is going to be a future star in the UFC. The guy is a 3X Division III National Champ, World Champ, Pan-American Champ. He has beaten some of the best wrestlers in the world like Kurt Angle, Tim Hartung, pinned Damion Hahn, beat a world champ from Cuba. He is also the hardest worker and best technician I have ever met. He is fearless and is willing to fight whoever is put in front of him. With that kind of mentality he will improve very quickly in the other aspects of fighting. He is also a great human being and role-model for any person looking to excell in what he or she is doing. Mark my words, Matt Hamill is going to be a future star, and possibly somebody to build the next generation of MMA around.

LOL! I don't know why, but I saw "Mark Hamill".

I was like "why i Luke Skywalker in TUF????".

This guy sounds real good. Hopefully he does well. Even more hopefully, the Matt is entertaining :-)

what's his record? Can't find him in Sherdog fight finder.


TKO vs. Haite
TKO vs. Robyn Johnson

When and where did he pin Hahn???

East Stroudsburg Open 30 or 45 secs, not sure 5-6 years ago

Wow, must have been a fluke.

Not taking anything away from Matt, sounds like a tough guy, but I have been watching Damion since he was in 8th grade and I have never seen him pinned.

Good luck to him on the show.

By the way, did he wrestle in the US Senior Nationals in Vegas in 2000?

not sure, but took 3rd or 4th in 2000 (freestyle), but didn't tryout for 2004. He is going to tryout in 2008.

What weight did he wrestle in Freestyle?

I totally saw it as "Mark Hamill". He would use jedi mind tricks on his opponent!! I guess this Matt Hamill has to use some type of Star Wars nickname now.

214lbs, something like that. They always change the weights

Yeah, I know, I think it was 213.75 that year and I believe I might have wrestled him in the first round.

The guy I wrestled was a several time D-3 national champ and Deaf world champ, but for the life of me I can not figure out if that was his name.

If it was him, WOW, he was impressive.

His ring name is "The Hammer Matt Hamill"

Starwars references are sort of lame, but oh well.

Is this the fighter I was told was deaf in the new season of TUF? If so, then Rich Dalton has to be correct. How old is this guy?

*I'm at work late so can't access the Spike bios.

He sounds legit.

Tough fucker, hope he wins

I've heard the force is strong with this one!

I too read his name, at first glance, as "Mark Hamill".

I have had the chance to grapple this dude. He was taking me down at will. I felt like he could have sneezed on me and I would have went down.

One of the strongest guys, for his size, I have ever got on the mat with. Very cool and humble too. I'm glad he got this opportunity. I know he'll do well.