Matt Hammill...

give the guy his props, he showed alot of heart tonight. i have trained with matt on several occaisions, and he always goes out his way to help you out. hes also one of the nicest guy ive ever met. hammill is definitely one of my favorite fighters, and it just sucks he fought another one of my favorite fighters in franklin tonight. congrats to both men, they put on a good match. and i hope matt recovers from this loss well, and comes back stronger then ever.

 He seemed like he never got started. I'm sure he'll be better next time.

btw i always spell hamill wrong. fuck.

i also misspell liddell sometimes.

and i agree travenbjj.

Not really seeing what is so good about Hammill. Other than the deaf thing. His striking is much improved (from a terrible starting point). His takedowns haven't been that effective in MMA and he has 0 submission game.

He's strong and that's about it.

My question is why does he spend his trining camps in Utica, NY. I know its his gym and one of his businesses, but he isn't going to get much better working with himself and a straight boxing coach.

I think Matt would be much better served training at one of the top schools and keeping the Utica gym as his business.

travenbjj -  I do not understand why guys want to show how "tough" they are and stand with a guy that is much better.  Matt did it tonight, Tito did it against Chuck and I have seen others do it.

You have a good point. I never understand it when these guys have lousy gameplans. The part I disagree with you on is Tito/Chuck. I think with Chuck you need to set up the TDs with striking.

Hamill hasn't brought a game plan to ring in any of his fights, this was an easy to see result

The guy was a greco champ and the majority of his takedown attempts were at the ankle/calf area.

I just don't get these guys.

It's not amateur wrestling. Those takedowns are very difficult without shoes.

his takedowns were atrocious

He never got started, he looked like dog shit, and he cost me a drink to moderdaysamurai.

F-ing asshOle.