Matt Horwich...perfect for TUF

I was in Team Quest's gym today, and some of the fighters were talking about how perfect Matt Horwich would have been for The Ultimate Fighter. If they have a season 2, I'm sure he'd be a prime candidate.

The guy has some great skills, and a very unique personality that would be great for TV. You'd think he's way too soft spoken to kick so much ass.

I thought the same thing when I first heard about the show.

Matt is an odd/cool cat.

I met Matt when he was up in Montreal for Apex, and he was a really cool guy. I think he'd be a good choice for the next season of TUF, and probably my pick to win!

“What I always wanted to be”

The story of “Suave” Matt Horwich in his own words.

I grew up wanting to be an “Ultimate Fighter”, as they were called when I was a kid. My childhood heroes were Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie. I’m not even sure how I first learned about these Mixed Martial Arts greats but I knew that I wanted to be one when I grew up.

When I was 16 years old, I was living in No. California with my mom and I ran away (hitched hiked mostly with truckers) to train at the Gracie Dojo in Los Angeles. I continued to train in MMA whenever I could. I moved to the Seattle area and trained for a short time with AMA. At this point my heroes were Randy Couture and Matt Lindland.

Then about two years ago my mom moved to a ranch in Southern Washington. I went down there to help her with some work and while I was down there I began searching for Team Quest, which is where my real life heroes worked out. I looked in the Yellow Pages and couldn’t find them and even tried looking around Gresham, Oregon for them. Finally I saw an ad in a small paper for Team Quest! As soon as I could I went over to the gym and signed up for classes. After working with them for several months I participated in the Team Quest Grappling Tournament where I won the division. Grappling has always my favorite aspect of MMA.

I then moved back to Seattle to find work, but continued to work on my MMA skills at AMA while I was up there. During that time I fought a couple of fights for Dennis Hallman. I came back down to visit my mom around Thanksgiving of the last year. During the week that I went down, I trained at Team Quest and by coincidence while I was there Hallman called me to fight in Longview, Washington. Because I am always anxious to fight, I took the fight even though I did not have corner or gloves! As it turns out Matt Lindland had a fighter fighting in the show as well (Ryan “The Lion” Schultz) so he lent me his gloves and offered to corner me! What a thrill to have Matt Lindland corner me. It was a tough fight against a pretty tough opponent (“Sugar” Shane Davis) and I did pretty well. The fight was declared a draw. Matt talked to me after the fight and said he thought I had what it took to be a great fighter. What a compliment coming from one of the masters. Then my dream started coming true as Matt Lindland offered to manage and promote me. God is so good!

It was from then on that I came back to Team Quest full time. I moved from Seattle to Gresham so that I could train everyday. I train 4-8 hours everyday and try to learn as much as I can. I work with an incredible team. I live my dream everyday! At Team Quest I train and spar with the best everyday. Not only do I get to meet all my heroes but I get to train with all of them as well. When I win a fight, Team Quest wins a fight too, because I train with the best in the world. What an incredible blessing!

I cannot thank God, Matt Lindland, and Team Quest enough for giving me a chance to do what I have always dreamed of doing. God bless everybody!

I announced the event Horwich fought 'Sugar' Shane Davis at (it was the same card on which Benji Radach got KO'd by MMA rookie Danny LeFever).

I was thoroughly impressed with Horwich's skills and look forward to seeing him fight every time I can. My favorite was his victory over Wrecck at one of the Sport Fight's.

He'd be a very interesting addition to T.U.F. for sure!

Horwich has heart, character and skills. I think he'd be fun to watch on the show.

I think he might creep a couple guys out with his off beat demeanor....and may likely be considered the outcast whose bed some jackass might pee on.

that's what would make it so interesting IMO. Horwich has a personality and demeanor unlike anyone else in the sport.

picture a born-again Crispin Glover, mix in a little Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken.

Matt gave my 4 y.o. son a nice lesson on king snakes using the tatoo of said snake coming out of a skull as a reference last time I saw him at the gym.
I was like, "Uh, thanks man." lol.

"may likely be considered the outcast whose bed some jackass might pee on"

I don't think so. Matt's too cool of a guy. Everybody that meets him likes him.

Get him in (and I dont even know him)!

Come on Jacob - I'm not attacking the guy, I like him (he's also my wife's favorite fighter) but he reminds me of the slightly 'off' kid we all teased in school for being a little different than the rest. Big heart, kind demeanor, but just not quite like the rest of us.

The only reason I made that statement above was - imagine a guy that fights for some team from back east and he's the loud obnoxious one next can't tell me a guy like that wouldn't target someone like Horwich (at least a little).

That guy would most likely end up tapping or napping when he fought Matt...but I'm just saying...

You guys are beginning to understand why Horwich would be so great for the show! So many possibilities. He's a unique and interesting guy, if you have 16 clones, what fun is that?



IMO Matt is SOOO far beyond TUF. He should simply get the big fights and let the kids scramble for the table scraps.


I think he'd have won last season's TUF. He's a very big 185 lber and those guys (Diego, Josh) are now at 170.

Horwich is freaky strong. I have heard he compresses tennis balls just for kicks..or some weird strength exercises that generally keep him in mad shape.