Matt Hughes a racist thread?

There was a thread about Matt Hughes being a racist and picking on Din Thomas' big lips or something like that. Did it get deleted? Where is it. Is this another UG/UFC cover up?


It's bad propaganda for the UFC if there champion is listed as the IOWA racist he is...

Making accusations of racism without definitive proof seems pretty
deletable to me.

Explaining to Din how he was able to read his lips from across the room is far from racism. What other "proof" is there besides that?

I hate all this racist bullshit talk! Leave it alone already. Feel free to delete this thread as well mods.

MFS would benefit from having both Spratt and Eastman as would any other camp.

He's a better striker than any body at MFS and most other gyms. He could teach them to punch, and perhaps kick. They could teach him to grapple. Win, win.

This thread will either blow up or be deleted due to content.

Viewer discretion is advised.

you guys are reading my mind ,a quota must be set at MFS

Who cares?

Din Thomas seems to have thicker skin than everyone else. If he wasn't upset about it, why should we be? Plus I think Matt apologized by offering him some watermelon.

he didnt say anythng about dins race. just his lips. would it b racist if he said that to a white guy>?

What did he say exactly?

I don't think he's a racist he acts like a prick to everyone on that show, funny seeing him doing the laimon/serra thing.


I am racist because I think black people have bigger lips.

Matt needs to get spanked.

GSP will do it.