Matt Hughes = HUGE...

Christ...Hughes is looking huge and motivated for this one. He looks just as big as the Royce fight, and yes I know that was at 175.

War Hughes!

 He did look to be in phenomenal shape.....

 Hughes will dominate.


He did say during the countdown show that he had been lifting like crazy. He's much bigger than he was against Thiago.

His wife demands blood!

WTF?!? Exact same thread title...

War Serra!

Hughes that big and strong is just scary...and yes much bigger than when he fought Alves.


 They should have given Serra a stool

 He looked hella healthy in the caveman video. Can't wait to go home and watch the weigh-ins 

Steven Rod - WTF?!? Exact same thread title...

I believe that this one is pro Hughes and other is pro Serra


Hughes' Wife vs BJ's Mom... Dana Make it happen!

I think Hughes rips Serra apart.

Hey anyone have a link to the weigh in video


There will be blood!!!

 That is my favorite entrace music. So badass.

JJK - War Serra!