Matt Hughes is +175 vs Diego???

 I will be eating prime rib courtesy of my bookie that weekend...

ribeye steak IMO

 Maybe a nice NY Strip and then some country breakfast the next morning!

or a t-bone and eggs at dennys

 Win or lose, I am not ordering steak at Dennys. 

why? you don't want food poisoning?

Country fried chicken at waffle house Phone Post

 That's an affirmative.

Maybe a grand slam or something to cure my hangover and broken heart about my lost wealth.

 In all seriousness, this line is very off in my opinion.  I can't believe that Diego is favored at all, and sure as hell not a 2-1 favorite.

Cmon it's baconalia time! Phone Post

good bet,,, odds should be close to even

 diego should take this win with ease

frontrowbrian -  I don't trust Hughes' chin to put money on him. Diego will clip him eventually.

 that and he's getting up there in age... I know he's had good cardio in the past, but diego just keeps pushing the entire fight I imagine he's going to wear him down

frontrowbrian -  I don't trust Hughes' chin to put money on him. Diego will clip him eventually.

 When has Diego hurt anyone standing?  And when has Hughes ever gone down to a soft hitter like Sanchez?  Hughes has dropped to Penn, to Serra's headbutt, to Alves, and to GSP.

 I could argue that Hughes is even striking, the better wrestler, and the better submission grappler.

Hughes will lose and retire. Phone Post

 rooting for hughes, but scared diego will win

I don't really understand this fight.

Diego should have fought Condit, or Alves instead of Story.

soliak - I noticed this too jjj. He opened at +155 and has risen to +175 which is interesting...I wonder how high he can go. Sanchez is 1-3 from his last 4 (I dont count his fight with kampmann as a win, he clearly lost) and Hughes has only lost to a zinger of a punch from BJ in his last 4.

You have to wonder how people think Diego is going to win the fight. He wont be able to pressure wrestle Hughes at all (doubt he will be able to take him down), plus Hughes offers a submission threat on the ground.

I'll be betting 10 units on it.

Diego grappled with Marcelo Garcia and didnt get subbed, not mma, so yea, there is STILL a threat there with Hughes, but I dont see it happening.

Hughes can damn sure win the UD on this one though, then again Diego has won some bs decisions in the not so distant past.

Does Hughes have a place to train for this fight?