Matt Hughes is not a draw...

Face it Zuffa Matt Hughes never will be. TUF2 had the lowest ratings in the history of the 3 installments so far. The Staple Center hasn't sold out yet, apparently not even close. UFC 42 when he was the main event against Sherk it barely sold 30,000 pay per views.

The public as whole don't really like him as he has came of as arrogant in all of his interviews and on TUF he seemed like a real prick. He was given a gift win against Chauroto, he clearly lost that fight, getting nearly triangled twice and doing no damage in the entire fight. The insiders know that BJ Penn owns his soul and would destroy him again in a rematch. It was funny before that fight Hughes was saying that it was disrespectable of Penn to come up in weight and challenge him, we all saw the outcome in that fight...LOL!!!

He's popular with the ladies though! At least, my wife is always drooling over that bastard when he's on ;)

does your wife have more than 1 tooth?

Haha, yeah ok.

He will be after he grinds Royce into dust though.

this thread is disrespectable

You know what would have sold out the Staples Center? Even though us the hardcore fans wouldn't love to see it. Royce vs Ken 3, the oldschool and new school fans would come back to watch that in droves.

Tito, Ken, Royce, Frank Shamrock, Chuck, Randy ect... are bigger and will always be bigger than Matt Hughes, they have that star quality he is lacking.

Hughes is by far the best the UFC has to offer, and he is my favorite and the favorite of most people I know... of course most of them are fighters. I like his style and control. He is confident, as are most greats.

He is not a draw.

True, I hate being on his team in pictionary.

He most definitely is not a draw. Remember when Hughes-Sherk was the main event at UFC42? LOL, a test pattern got better ratings.

The ONLY reason this show will rate is because of Royce Gracie.

I'd normally rather watch paint dry than suffer through a Hughes snore fest.

Hughes just doesn't have "it" that makes fans other than the die-hard Hughes fans flock to him.

Matt Hughes is the fucking man!! I'm from Hawaii but I live in Iowa...fucking military..Country Boy Can Survive...thats real true, thats one badass redneck.

Grrr, redneck... Feel like slapping you up side the head. You'll probably be backing Qld in the Origin too. Mofo!

it seems alot of wrestlers that relay on ground & pound or lay and pray tend to have boring fights. although they seem to be dominating the fight it just seems to be a position advantage. most times they inflict little or no damage yet get the win. maybe a small check with a big bonus for a finish could be an answer. who knows? i know i just hate paying to wacth fighters try and win by deciesions.

hughes is an awesome fighter, but for whatever reason i dont care about his fights. i dont know why.

when he is fighting someone who i think can give him a fight, i want to watch it, but its almost just to see how it goes.

Farm boys who come out to country western music are not exactly a marketers dream.

sure he is

Hughes is pretty popular.

He wasn't at the time of UFC 42, but times have changed.

Listen to the reaction he got when he fought Riggs. When he grabbed the kimura, the place went crazy.

This fight has no real meaning or importance to it besides being a curiosity.

Now Matt Hughes VS GSP 2 will be a huge draw when it happens.