Matt Hughes (Prime) vs Anderson Silva

Do you think Matt Hughes in his prime could beat the Anderson Silva of today?

I personally think Matt Hughes speed, strenght, takedown ability, and his submission ability could be a real problem for Silva.

What do you guys think?

I think Matt would get thoroughly fucked up

lol no silva is HUGE compared to matt

Silva may be bigger, but don't you think Matt Hughes in his prime was stronger than the Silva of today.

LOL, no.


How do you guys think Hughes and Silva's submission skills measure up. I personally don't think Hughes could submit Silva, but I do think Hughes could fend off Silva's submissions, which would allow Hughes to ground and pound Silva for 5 rounds.

No. Phone Post

CatchAsCatchCan - Silva may be bigger, but don't you think Matt Hughes in his prime was stronger than the Silva of today.

Silva is deceptively strong. Besides, strength doesnt really seem to come into Andersons fights.

Don't you guys think Hughes double leg might be able to negate the striking accuracy of Silva.

Matt's tiny compared to Silva. He's smaller than GSP ffs.

Hasn't Silva's demolition of bigger, stronger wrestlers like Chael, Okami and Henderson taught people anything?

Silva submitted Henderson and Sonnen, I don't think he could submit Hughes, and I think Hughes has the ability to get Silva down, like Sonnen did for 4 and a half rounds the first time and in the first round of the second time and like Henderson did in their fight in the first round.

7 people have answered your question, that's pretty much a consensus.

Sonnen was 210lbs or around abouts in that fight, Hughes would be 185-190? that shit matters yo

Hughes has accomplished a lot in his career and is a HOF but he wouldn't be able to do anything with AS IMO. Phone Post

Okay, i'm waving the white flag.

Ok, now who likes Cinnabon?

Another one of these threads... Lol no Phone Post

Hughes would get knocked out, probably 3rd round Phone Post