Matt Hughes = Rick Flair?

I'd rather roll with the Horsemen than with MFS.

Hughes needs to say-"Men want to be me, and women want to be with me. Whooooo!"

Slick ..."Hughes does not style or profile. "

I think he's physically incapable.

And if GSP makes Hughes gush blood like Flair did on a nightly basis, I'll jump up shouting and throw my drink for the awesome display of awesomeness before me.

"Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it still has the longest line.  WOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Spencer Fisher is Rick Flair. Don't ever confuse the two. Rick Flair got his moves from Spencer. Don't forget it.

Now we go to school

Duuuunnnnn, duuuuuuuunnnnnnn, duuuuuuuuuunnnnn, da daaaaaaaaaaaa, dundundundundundundundundundundundun....... WOOOOOOOOOO!

Limosine ridin', jet plane flyin'! WOOOOOOOOO! You bring the women and I'll bring the wine! WOOOOOOOOOO!

And of course....

To be the man, you've got to beat the man! WOOOOOOOOOO!

If Hughes said to GSP before the fight he'd almost make me cheer for him.

I thought Justin Eilers did a pretty good Rick Flair impersonation when he fought Paul Buentello!!!! lol

"When we're going city to city, and we're walking through the airport, and somebody says 'Hey, Champ!'...... we ALL turn around"

- Arn Anderson

Caveman, is this why you didnt show up to train? Watching old NWA videos? 4-Horseman kicked azz back in the day....

LOL .. my truck is broke. What else is there to do?

Ok ...

Hughes talked shit about Canada, then called Serra a Tomato Can

Dude is playing a heel... I have no doubt.


Art, I've just been banned, for Kirik. i can't believe you would do that to me.