Matt Hughes Smiling After Rashad Ko'd

1:15 Mark

lol some of you hughes haters are just silly.

anyone catch BJ saying "he didn't do that shit to me" roughly at the 1:38 mark!!!

He definitely was enjoying it, but it's a lot briefer than GSP/Serra I so the UG can't capitalize on it :(.

MTomlinson - lol some of you hughes haters are just silly.

Yes. They are. So what if Hughes was smiling. Not one thing wrong with that. Do you think no other fighters, or people for that matter, show any emotion when the fighters they're rooting for win? Just unbelievable to even mention this.

I was smiling and laughing too...

It's was a very exciting finish...........................

yeah, this is almost as worthwhile as the "BJ Penn calling out Machida" thread.

you guys blow things out of proportion like females during menstruation.

I want to know who got to hang out ringside and then in the ring post fight with his little Flip Video camera. I like it.

IrishFighter110 - Lol at Dana saying to Rashads wife

"Ill take you in the back"

Looks like Randy beat him to it tho.

 So THAT'S why she had that uncomfortable/pained look on her face.....

(goes to jack furiously)

love these backstage random shots

Excellent video!

At 3:02 Lyoto wipes his nose with his country's flag.

 Who didn't have a smile on their face when they saw Machida drop a flawless victory on that ass? (besides Greg Jackson and Rashad's wife) -

lmfao @ hughes wanting the winner of gsp alves now he is acting like frank trigg how ironic.. thinking he can beat gsp lol or alves for that matter.. What a joke! AND YES IM A HATER OF HUGHES!! who is cocky for no reason at all... lmfao winner of gsp alves!! LMFAO

I think Hughes deserves a shot at Alves as Alves cheated in that fight. Hard to picture him at this stage beating GSP. Even Alves would be a big favorite. Hughes looks about done. His vaunted g&p was pretty much nullified by Sierra although he mantained top position.

Awesome video.

I'm so fucking glad I'm not handicapped with parents who want to use me so they can do cool shit to parade me around like im some fucking charity case

 Maybe Hughes just likes KOs...... can anyone show me a clip of Hughes not smiling during a KO?

cool video.