Matt Hughes Smiling After Rashad Ko'd

TheTerrorSerra - fuck that wheelchair guy

waahh wahhh look at me, i cant walk! please give me free tickets to human cock fighting shows, thats the only thing that will make my life better.

from youtube

lol look at Rashad's wife

 that video is cool

That was awesome!!!

pretty much everyone was smiling you fucking idiot, they just saw an exciting fight.

lol..rogan's expression was awesome

what was Joe Silva saying?

Is that screaming banshee woman Rashads wife?

totalwreckage - I'm so fucking glad I'm not handicapped with parents who want to use me so they can do cool shit to parade me around like im some fucking charity case



GSP and Alves would ruin Hughes shit so bad its not even funny anymore lol

 I enjoyed seeing the video...

Ryan Dunphy - Is that screaming banshee woman Rashads wife?
No.Rashad said the woman at all the shows screaming like a maniac is his sister

if matt hughes gets a rematch with gsp or alves, i'm going to be so pissed off.

Matt Hughes vs. GSP 4 ??? Fuck that shit, Matt Hughes should fight Rumble Johnson and get KO'd or something.

Dana knows how the bread gets the butter, or else nobody is sitting in the ferrari ,(that was pretty cool of mr white)....lmao at what a DICK hughes is as he signs his walkout shirt and gives it to the kid in the wheel chair...and last but not least , if thiago wins thats got fitch rematch all over it.......fitch at 185 vs. the spider ???? just saying


VectorWega - 
OZ1 - anyone catch BJ saying "he didn't do that shit to me" roughly at the 1:38 mark!!!

 I think he said that "be can't do that shit to me."  BJ is probably delusional enough to think he could beat Rashad and Machida at this point. 

Machida was obviously greasing in his fight with BJ. That's the only logical explanation why BJ didn't win.


TTT for later.

I'd love to see Hughes fight GSP/Alves again. He'd get his ass KOd again. That would be awesome.