Matt Hughes Tells What Led To Train Accident

No real physical injuries (anymore). My left leg doesn’t work quite like it should but I can deal with that. Therapy is really helping me with that. But my injury was in my brain. I had the worst brain injury possible. Some people say that I was messed up before the train but my brain took the big hit. The train was only going about 39 miles an hour but I think it was carrying like 60 tons of coal so it wasn’t going to slow down with that load.”

Burt Watson then asked how Matt Hughes was not able to see the train coming.

*“The track is so bad, when you turn to the right it is at such an angle that all you can see is the passenger head rest when looking for the tracks. So it is really bad and the track is so narrow that you really don’t look to the side. You’re just worried that some car is going to come across at you. It is a country crossing so there is no cross-arms or anything like that.”

I guess trains are pretty silent too.


Jon Jones’s skull is all bone

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You’re right, he’s dumb AF.

Wasnt smart enough to stop at a train crossing. Even kids in elementary school buses know you have to stop and look both ways before crossing train tracks.


You don’t know much about living in the country, do you?

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Wasn’t smart enough to not beat the fuck out his wife but thats another discussion. I hope he has recovered more since his last interview I watched.


She probably deserved it.

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I know plenty about how to avoid getting hit by a train. Are trains in the country different from other areas?:thinking:


And he probably deserved his train ride.


Sometimes. They don’t have signs or cross arms in some places to let you know a train is coming.
Dumb not to look to make sure though.

Big time, they run on angles with high rows of corn blocking the view and no horn or gates. You have to drive over a giant hill on a dirt road. It’s not like where all the city folk have protected crossings and protected left turns at every fucking intersection…


You deserve a train ride, for that comment.

Yeah, look at all those high rows of corn blocking the view. Lol.

Im sure country trains stay on the tracks like city trains. It’s pretty difficult to get hit by one…unless you are on the tracks. I would think a smart guy would stop and look both ways before crossing. :thinking:


I’ll give your woman a train ride. :steam_locomotive::eggplant:

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You don’t know shit about country life. Stop acting like you do, dummy.

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She likes a real man not a sissy like yourself.

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Lol. What?? LeBron is real smart? Mike Tyson was smart? Blanket statements like that are ridiculous. That’s the kind of reasoning that makes LeBron think he should talk about politics.
Rampage and Tito were both smart too?

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We"re talking about trains not country life you shit kicking, sheep fucking, corn cob riding hillbilly.