Matt Hughes vs Carlos Newton..

was also a double knock out like last night...Carlos Newton choked out Matt at the same time Matt dropped him on his head ...MAtt didnt even know he won...

I was discussing that last night while watching the Gray v Emerson fight and LOLOLOL at him saying "I wasn't out at ALL!"



Hughes vs Newton should have been a NC

It was pretty much the same thing as the Emerson fight last night.



Hughes was out doubt

one could argue who was out first, but the same move caused both fighters to go out (tap)

Carlos should have WON THAT FIGHT. He choked Hughes out, which is what caused Hughes to fall down.

Hughes didn't FALL DOWN. He SLAMMED Newton. Need evidence? Look at the overhead view. He clearly takes two steps backward and then powerbombs Newton. He went out somewhere on the way down.

P.S. Both should be NC.

actually Ryan, both should be a TIE then

no contest is when a fight ends due to an illegal blow/move and there is not enough to judge it on up to that point...

so, for example, TK vs. Fedor should be a no contest

what the hell is wrong with giving people TIES/draws?

I wouldn't argue against a technical draw in either case.

The Hughes/Newton controversy should be over, regardless of who won the first fight they had their rematch and Hughes won convincingly.

that is not the point of this discussion Dreamer, what do you think the first fight should have been ruled?....regardless of the result of the rematch.

I prefer to think of Hughes/Newton 1 like Big John said:

"If I had declared Newton the winner, then I would have had the winning fighter unconscious on the ground while the loser was up walking around. Imagine the controversy THEN."

I coppied this from another thread I posted it on erlier today...

"Would the UG be more forgiving if he claimed the ref stopped it because of a cut? j/k

That being said, I wouldn't have been suprised if the reff had given it to Manard, but I thought that it was a great call and it really showed that the reff was paying attention to BOTH fighters as the slam occured. Very ballsy call by the reff and I have to agree with it. If the reff hadn't made the call, the whole UG would be up in arms ala Hughes/Newton. TTT for a reff being on his toes, and having the balls to make the right call. P.S. I was pulling for Maynard "

I think the rules were different back then. If Hughes/Newton 1 happened again, it would be a no contest.

It's no different than how they deal with drug use/cuts now.

Back then it would have been a loss if you got cut early in the rd (Couture vs Belfort 2) or your opponent got caught doing roids after a loss (Couture vs Barnett).

Both of those fights were losses on Randy's record. Now a days both those fights would have been no contests.

It's just the evolution of the rules. It's a good thing.

Emerson tapped and then Gray rolled off of him.

I'm not disputing that Gray was clearly hurt from hitting his head. I dont think he was completely knocked out. You can tell when he attempts to get up and falls into emerson's crotch that is he out of it but I don't see how he doesnt win that fight.

At no time does the ref turn his attention to Gray. He is focused on Emerson.

BTW, Gray dominated Emerson in the 1st round he is going to be a force at 155.

A lot of good points brought up, any one could be intelligently defended. IMHO the controversy of Hughes/Newton set up the precedent for this NC. Should it have been ruled a NC, possibly. But it wasn't and it's a little late to change it now. Should this one have been a NC, probably. Neither fighter was able to continue as Emerson tapped & Gray was clearly not even able to get up to his knees, much less his feet. I agree with wrestlerking that he was dominating and would have won the fight had he not landed on his head, but from a couple of different angles shown, you could tell that his arm was free.

Carlos Newton has gone so down hill since his title reign. I can't think of a mma champion who became so irrelevant so fast as he did.


Paging Frank Mir, Mr. Mir please report to this thread.



"Carlos Newton has gone so down hill since his title reign. I can't think of a mma champion who became so irrelevant so fast as he did."

Throw Mir, Menne, & Ricco in there too.