Matt Hughes VS Matt Lindland @185

Who would win this fight?

Either having Hughes go up to 185, or having Lindland go down to 170. I think it'd be interesting, yet possibly boring fight.

Both fighters have similar styles, and rely on their wrestling ability.

I honestly think Hughes would get the dominant position and hammer away on Lindlands glass jaw.


I dont think Lindland can get to 170 and at 185, Lindland will win a boring a lay n pray. Lindland will outwrestle Hughes.

I'd take Hughes.


Well let's look at the stats:

The jaw goes to Hughes

The cardio goes slightly to Hughes

Pure wrestling ability goes slightly to Lindland

Submissions go slightly to Hughes

Size goes slightly to Lindland

Strength goes easily to Hughes

Speed... hard to say..

Stand up goes slightly to Lindland

In my opinion, if Lindland and Hughes fought, Lindland would take Hughes down, but Lindland wouldn't be use to going up against that kind of strength, and he'd either get caught in a sub from Hughes, or the fight would go to a weak decision.

I say Matt Hughes would take this fight.The only thing that Lindland wactually has on him is that he is a better pure wrestler and other than that Hughes would dominate him.

Standup goes to Lindland?

I disagree.

Hawkeyefan, well, you're right, it's really tough to say..

They announce Lindland as a "Striking and wrestling EXPERT" LOL

"The jaw goes to Hughes"


"The cardio goes slightly to Hughes"

Even if he was at 185? Even if Lindland dropped to 170?

"Pure wrestling ability goes slightly to Lindland"

Slightly?!? Lindland competed at a higher level than Hughes in FREESTYLE... not to mention they're not close in Greco.

"Strength goes easily to Hughes"

Lindland pushed Baroni around pretty good...

"Lindland wouldn't be use to going up against that kind of strength"

The guy trains with Randy every day. You think Hughes is stronger on the mat than Randy?

"not used to going against that type of strength"

Are you kidding me? Sure, Matt is strong at 170 but he's just average at 185. 15 lbs is a huge difference. AND Lindland trains with Couture, who's not too shabby strengthwise.

As for striking... Lindland would have a big reach advantage.

lindland could get down to 170. he did it for many years.

hughes would win.


Vladmimir Matyushenko's wrestling credentials dwarfed Tito ORtiz's going into their match.

That didn't stop Ortiz from out wrestling and completely controlling Vlady.

People still fail to realize that wrestling under the rules of MMA and in a cage or ring is very, very different from freestyle or Greco on a mat.

I dont think Lindland can get to 170 and at 185, Lindland will win an exciting ground and pound decision. Lindland will outwrestle Hughes.

Lindland is a world class wrestler and Hughes can pull some crazy shit out of his bag at anytime. so this is a tough one to call.

sady knows

"I dont think Lindland can get to 170"

He got below that for the olympics. I'm sure he can still get there.

Generally when you have two guys from the same base fight, who is better at the base has a major effect.

If it is two strikers, two bjj or two wrestlers, the better at their base usually wins.

Hughes is an outstanding wrestler, but not an olympic silver medalist. His subs may be better, but lindland would control hughes and win a very boring decision.