Matt Lindland has NO HONOR

Can't like/respect a guy that taps then says that he didn't to keep fighting. He should fight the japanese guy that fought Brennan a few years ago who tapped then said he didn't.

the world is full of injustices...get over it.



^^ bullshit cop-out statement... he is just saying he can't respect a guy with such a history of dishonorable behavior. nothing to get over there

WTF are you guys talking about?

He's making reference to the Bustamante fight where Matt tapped and then claimed he didn' he got tapped a 2nd time.

A tap is a sequence of THREE taps. A fighter has every right to tape once or twice, then change his mind. That's what happneed against Bustmante. The stoppage was BJM and Bustamante's fault, not Lindlands.

Brian Davis is 100% correct. One tap is NOT a "tap out".

And personally, I don't think that was even the beginning of a tap. It looked to me like he was pawing at the leg trying to free himself in some way. How TF are you supposed to do anything if ANY contact with your opponent is going to be interpreted as a "tapout"? In any case, he resumed struggling and didn't continue to tap. It's not like BJM stopped it immediately at that tap.

"A tap is a sequence of THREE taps. A fighter has every right to tape once or twice, then change his mind."

Can you point out where in the Unified MMA Rules it defines a tap out as THREE taps?

I love the bustamante/lindland fight

getting beat twice in one fight


and btw, if bjm hadn't interfered bustamante would have tapped lindland out

Need a gif or video.

Lindland wasn't conscious at the end of that fight NKM. No way any tapping was going on either way, that over hand right from the guard put 'The Law' down for good. I was shocked that he almost pulled off that rolling knee bar though, that was some sick transition work.


Matt Lindland = woggie.........

From Wiki:

  • Submission: a fighter may admit defeat during a match by:

    • tapping three times on his opponent's body;

    • tapping three times on the mat or floor;

    • verbal announcement.

Best part is, if Matt were to fight Busta today, he'd likely win by submission.

lol@ wikipedia being a reliable source.



I can only feel sorry for a man born that fugly. How can you hate on lindland? Thats like hating on a burn victim.

Lindlad bit some guys ear off just to win a wrestling match and he did it like 3-4 times!!!!

I've seen that video and it is disgraceful.

Then he also cheated during the Busta fight and denied tapping!!!

He's a serious embarassment.

i'll give the badass sumbitch the benefit of the doubt

I saw that fight a long time ago (Bustamante vs Matt) and to be honest I
don't know why else Matt would tap like that unless he was conceding the