Matt Lindland interview "Part II"

Let me know what you guys (and gals) think....

Very nice, but too short!

SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! _

With the recent amount of time Matt has spent with interviews lately, there is'nt much more to cover on him at the moment. Feel free to check out "Part 1" at I did that one about 1-2 weeks ago.

You guys already know his thoughts on Fryland, I'd hate to talk about the same ol shit. Sorry if you thought it was too short.

Deeder, thanks for the link bro. Mucho appreciated.

Good interview...especially for the locals like me. I follow Sportfight closely, but some of the people who read the interview may not be as familiar with it.

The next card looks like it's going to be awesome! If Davis, Herman, and Leben are all fighting it's guaranteed to be a great show.

And I will be the first to agree that the Sportfight bouts overall have been extremely exciting. Very few slow fights going to decision, pretty much every fighter is coming in the ring ready to kill or be killed. Ed Herman and Jason Flynn put on the fight of the night last show.

Thanks Matt

Matt Lindland: How DARE you claim I lost that fight to
Bustamante!!!!! Just because I tapped out and the
referee raised his hand, and I congratulated him post
fight, in front of thousands of fans in attendance and
countless more on pay-per-view!!!!! What nerve!!!!
What temerity!!!!!! I'll have you flogged for
this!!!!!!! I'm the best
!!!! -Sorry. I was having a "Baroni Moment".







I agree. Its always 3t's for Lindland.

not many comments this time around eh?