Matt Lindland Seminar Postponed

Dear friends,

I am sorry to inform you that the Matt Lindland seminar on October 16, 2004 has been postponed because of personal commitments. I have discussed the situation with Matt and he agrees that the seminar should be put off until a later date. I will be working to have Matt Lindland & Randy Couture to attend London/Toronto area for a 2 days seminar in the new year.

Sorry for any inconvenience,

Shawn Geris


Hey Shawn, Hows the trip going.


Couture will be back!

Well, this works out very nicely for me. I might actually have the money to go.

Trip is going well! Evan is one tough SOB!

I bet.

Get back in there "HULK!" and Kick some butt.

When do you get back?

Hey Dougie :]

Randy Couture, when?

Last night, I was trying to get some much needed sleep, when I heard someone yelling outside. I looked out my window to see who it was. It was pretty dark, so I couldn't make out the identity of the individual. I only have one clue to go by:

He was yelling "RANDY'S COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!BOOBIES!!!!!!"

I bet that indivudual was wearing a ski mask too.

Hiya Scott!

Looking at April/May dates:2 day seminar

cough May cough


Shawn, you have provided us with some great seminars before and I have no doubt you will again!

TTT for Shawn "The Hulk" Geris!!!

Shawn "Hulk" Geris has always brought great seminars to SWO.

ttt 4 Hulk!