Matt Lindland vs. .....

...Anderson Silva. Make it happen Zuffa!!!


tt to the mother fucking T!!!!!

TTT X infinity

- edit - Wrong Matt

Stop the petty bullshit and give this fight to Matt! It's fucking stupid that the best fighter in that whole divison is not there when he is an American born Olympic silver medalist. No fights in between, no rematch, Matt Lindland vs. Anderson Silva in a few months.

Patrick Cote or whoever wins the show gets the next shot!

I think they both quit the show


Step and pay the $$$ for the guy who is probably at this point the best fighter in that weight class in the world. Pay Matt Lindland his money and get him back in the big show. Lindland would put Silva thought the fucking mat! He isn't even boring anymore, he stops people. Christ he stopped Gumby standing! Get him in ASAP! No Swick, no TUF 4 guy first.

Everyone e-mail then NOW!

I think UFC will get Lindland there.. We all know they wan't american champion.

I also agree Lindland is the best at 185. Hell of a win for Silva though! Thats fucking great A Silva is a UFC champ. Awesome.

Copy of the e-mail I sent.....

Dear Zuffa inc.,

I think I speak for the people who really follow the sport in saying please sign Matt Lindland ASAP to fight Anderson Silva.  Please put the petty BS aside and sign the guy who is at this point probably the best fighter at 185 lbs. in the world.  We don't want a re-match with Rich first or the TUF 4 guy, but the BEST guy out there.  Matt Lindland is who WE want to to take on Anderson Silva because we know he is the best guy at the weight class right now.  Please make this happen in the best interest in the sport because Lindland is the guy who you guys can market and has improved his game tenfold since even being in the UFC.  Thank you for listening.


totally agree, Pride is unbeleivable

but Anderson is truly at another level

Agreed bring in the Law. I think this is the best possible fight in that division. The guys on the comeback aren't ready for Silva, maybe Lutter stands a chance. The Law would be a tough fight for Anderson. Make it happen.