Matt Linland war wagon (pics)

edit damnit... I messed up Lindland's last name when I changed the title.

Who's coming?


i think he can do it

i'm always rooting for the law!

 That 3rd pix deserves a BEEEP!



War law!!!


 I hope Jacare is ready to protect his ears from the lawjaws if Matt gets outwrestled, the long version on where the moniker "The Law" came from ain't a pretty one, that combned with his exciting style and I have a very hard time cheerin on that guy.

WAR Souza

alligator walks across office

Jacare can take Lindland down, and when he does, he will submit Lindland. Lindland is good, but Jacare is just better.


 i hope he wins but jac is a huge sub threat

 Very bad style matchup for Matt. I hope he's in top form and comes out and mauls Jacare like he has other BJJ champions, but Jacare is as good as it gets and a strong wrestler besides.

not a big fan of the law

 matts the shit!

It'll be interesting to see how he comes back from the way he got drubbed by Vitor. I for one, am a HUGE Matt Lindland fan, so you can consider me on the wagon.

How can anybody not like The Law?

Maybe the newer crossover of body building buffs who only like fighters that they get chubs over.

matt is going to win.