Matt "Lycan" Lee

Hello Folks,

My son Mathew Lee was also promoted to a Marcus Soares Purple belt the same day as Michael Hong.

I am so proud of him, he has been training with me since he was 3yrs old and now he is 19. Wow how time flies. So far he is 1-0 in the MMA circuit. Once his shoulder is repaired he will be back in the tournaments and on the MMA circuit!

Please congratulate him at tournaments when he is coaching the BAMA Jiu Jitsu kids.

Take care folks
Train hard!!!!!

16 years of training and he is a purple belt? When did he really start focusing on the training?

Good luck and congratulations to your son!

Mathew really started to show his talent around 8 yrs old. he never looked at the belt and always focused on enjoying the sport and tournaments as a child and At 16 got his blue belt and began to grow through the stripes. He has a firm understanding of his techniques now and is what I would consider a little sleeper cell of Jiu Jitsu.

Once his shoulder is healed, he will shock the world and do his best to represent the sport.


Rickson by armbar!!!

j/k, congrats to your boy. I have a little girl, but I can't wait till I have a son that I can bond with and train with. Congrats to you too for helping to guide him on the path, raising a kid isn't easy.

Chinov, thank you for your response. It touched me heart, i'm such a wimp. It is tough raising the little ones. It's nice to get one that shares your passion.

Take care buddy