Matt McDonald "Purple Belt"

I would like to congratulate Matt McDonald on receiving his Purple Belt after a long strenuous test at the Schilling-Behring BJJ Academy this past Saturday February 26th.

I along with Professor Behring presented Matt with his well deserved Purple Belt.

Matt is the first Purple Belt on the Schilling/Behring Team!

I look forward to many years to come, having Mathew at a valuable member of the team and senior student.

Great Job Matt!

Congratulations Matt!


Congrats Matt

you earned it.

Great job



Congrats Matt!

awesome, congrats matt


Congrats...awesome accomplishment.

Congrats bro !


Congrats Matt!


thanx everyone for your kind words. thank you to prof behring and prof schilling for your instruction and the progressive system. IT WORKS, PERIOD. At one point during the multiple attacker/self defense i thought i was going to pass out. thanx to all who participated in the seminar, now you all see what happens if you lean against the wall and if you hesitate to fight (push ups). I also want to thank prof Bocek and phil for attending.

matt"papiloco" mcdonald

team Schilling/Behring

i would like to know who bergbull and pjj are? Also darb i think i know who you are but tell me who you are just to be sure. sorry i just appreciate knowing all of you. Thanx again

its bachir


I am happy for u.


Congrats Matt!

congrats Matt, u deserve it!

thanx again guys. much appreciated.

prof. esfiha good to hear from you.

annie/ tyman thank you.