Matt Mitrione confronted Sean Strictland

This is old and also he didn’t confront anyone.

Matt tried to fuck her before Berry got a hold of her. It’s pretty obvious what happened


mitriones mma career

Didn’t Berry also brag that he made her bleed during their first encounter? Lock him up


You forgot KO’ing Fedor

Damn imagine living in a shithole like that where that is necessary :flushed:

he’d be like that no matter where he lived.


He’s always sounded wigga when he’s pissed.

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Is it or isn’t it? In the UK the age is 16… i personally think it was grooming if she was thinking like she has to wait for an age.

But she’s also mental.

I don’t want to meet Pat Barry but I like a lot of his fights

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hahaha success is the best revenge.
Well done Sean.


God you’re a big faggot. Glad your bf izzy lost again.

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Same. They were waiting for her to turn 18 so imo it’s clear cut grooming especially since they met when she was 14 and he’s 13 years older than her… obviously you can’t prove anything legally but I’ll tell you who I wouldn’t let my teenage daughters around.


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This did not age well.

Are you a bitter old woman jealous that young hotties are getting all the attention you used to get? 2 years? Ha ha Sure, honey.