Matt OWES Penn Bigtime!!

Penn chose to back off him after getting into his eye.

What if he had done like Liddell after getting into Randys eye?

He'd be shining up that WW Championship belt today, that's what.

Well let's add What If Matt got pissed and decided to snap BJ's Neck in two?

Mods please move this Thread to the What if or Africa Forum.

or after Liddell got into vernons eye!

or after Trigg hit Hughes' balls...

"What if he had done like Liddell after getting into Randys eye?"

You mean how Liddell backed off and the ref gave Randy time to recover? That's what i thought BJ did? lol, wtf?

It looked like Hughes was beggin IMO

^^ yea, if your actually poked in the eye"

Yeah, it's amazing how Matt can make one eye all red and irritated just be thinking about it.

It was obvious that even after Matt was given a minute to recover that BJ still went a litle easy on him just to make sure. He could have pounced on Matt finished it IMO.

And that's my opinion also.

I thought this thread was going to be about BJ's medical bills. I'm relieved to know it's just more UG idiocy.

u guys are fuckin amazing.. lol.. its monday the fight happen saturday lets go ahead now and let it goooo... BJ poked him in the Eye and Matt was allowed to recover.. BJ LOST man u guys stop.... lets talk about pat and renzo for awhile ... stop bitch about the fight no more he could have done this or this would have happened if this... man the BJ NUTHUGGERY is too much on here..

matt owes penn another beating, at most.

At the very least, he owes him a "third" fight.

Rubbermatch is in order

Standard procedure.

No one owes anyone anything, lol.