Was anyone else a little disturbed that Matt's very first punch nailed Fedor in the head? If that was Soko it could have possibly done a little more than a cut. Not predicting a Fedor loss anytime soon, but that seemed a little odd how Fedor didn't avoid the punch at all.

I was also surprised that Fedor basically didn't throw ANY punches immediatly after that...

I have seen Fedor do that before, just stand there and take a few unanswered punches; it has never hurt him, and he seems to know what he's doing, but it definitely allow someone to open up a fight-ending cut, as he doesn't exactly have skin of kevlar.

He probably thought Lindland was going to clinch right away.

I think the last thing Fedor was worried about was Matt knocking him out. Just like he wasn't worried about Mark Hunt's ground game.


Fedor actually had a small piece of rope cut off and taped to each glove, thereby giving him rope holding power for the entire match.

I agree with Uncle Justice's comparison w/ the Couture/Sylvia fight. Lindland also surprised Rampage in their fight, too.

Fedor was probably more scared of being hit by one of Colemans daughters than getting hit by Matt..

that was just a love tap to wake him up

lol @ Sadyv

Fedor is so bad ass he stopped for a second, checked out the blood. He was like Chong Li, shakes off the punch shakes his head at the guy like, CHONG LI!

LOL @ Sadyv

Chong Li had way more emotion than Fedor.