Matt Reeves The Batman to have Three Villains

The Batman movie will have three major villains involved, one being deathstroke, another being Joker and the Scarecrow in a movie that would resemble Arkham Knight. 


I for one am excited. 


Just finished reading the knightfall graphic novel, they better have the scene in it where scarecrow gasses joker with his fear toxin and joker asks for more but in different flavors . 


No links but but go head google it bros 

That sounds silly to me.  On the face of it, Deathstroke alone is more than a match for Batman and a tremendously cool chracter.  There's no need to pack others in.

Nooo! This is where the original batman movies went wrong. Multiple characters that don't get enough time ruins the movie. Remember Batman and Robin and Batgirl and Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy and Bane!

Yeah, too many bad guys makes me nervous.

They never said he would be fighting all three. 

mostofyou - 

Give me the fucking Riddler

It would be nice to see a story/film that treated the Riddler seriously.  It seems like all the other villans in Batman's rogue's gallery were treated seriously, but Riddler seems stuck in that 1960s Batman camp.

Hopefully they bring back Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow. He was fantastic.

LotionInTheBasket - 

They never said he would be fighting all three. 

more characters = less screen time for any one character.

I'm hoping there's not much deathstroke. Maybe one good fight scene. 

I like the arkham knight scarecrow , some terrorist shit. I dunno who can play him tho 

Will Jim Carrey be in it?

Is Aflec still batman?

Stronghold - Will Jim Carrey be in it?
He'll be playing every role.

Barbasol - 

Is Aflec still batman?

Yep. He was just supposed to write and direct, but he scaled it back to just acting after his last movie bombed.

Ozamataz Buckshank - 
Stronghold - Will Jim Carrey be in it?
He'll be playing every role.

20 years ago he could have pulled it off. Today, not so much.

Classic mistake. Fuck 3 villains. 

The first Batfleck solo should be just Riddler. Remake zero year but obviously it wouldn't be Batmans first year it'd be right after JL. 

Second should be Clayface 

Third should be Joker and Harley 

I'd rather see a full on two face story with the mob. Fuck it. 



I honestly don't care much for the riddler 


Too much going on. Not a good idea but whatever it's their money their risking so they must have a better idea of what is going to succeed than we do. 

The Riddler is the best #2 badguy ever. DC has great Villians. 


What movie is this for? Live action? Background? 

In all honesty, Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale killed batman.  No batman can come close to them, no joker can come close to heath ledger and no bane can come close to Tom Hardy.  DC screwed themselves simply by using those Nolan batman movies.  Nothing they do now can compare and that will just keep getting them shit reviews from everyone.  All of their movies are netflix to me.