Matt Serra - Annoying as hell

I really like Serra, and think he is a good instructor, coach and now cornerman. But he does sound like on old nagging jewish lady. It is his damn voice. He sounds like that when he teaches seminars and stuff too. There is nothing he can do about it. He sounds like he is always straining to talk.

I thought Matt has been coming off very well. I am happy to see him get the recognition that he deserves with the new fans.

Can't argue with the results.

I think he is a good coach, but the NY accent is not very appealing to the ears. I'm sorry to say.


I have a friend who started BJJ with Serra. They both got their Blues together from Renzo and then my buddy moved to texas. Before he left, he says Matt always talked about becoming an MMA fighter and being in the UFC. This had to be about 10-12 yrs ago. It's cool to see people live their dreams.

In fairness I was impressed by the way him and Shonie worked together, because they would have the type of history that would make you think they'd square up against each other. But he's just a pain to listen to, and he can come off as patronising.


He is tough to listen to though...hehehe

"But he's just a pain to listen to, and he can come off as patronising."

U never participated in SPORTs where the coach instructs and yells at you?

Just hit your mute button asshole.

You could probably learn more from listening him corner a fight than six months of TKD lessons...

funny a week ago its"serra's great"...this week..."his voice is annoying" tell me who sounds like a jewish women from long

Of course Heman. But not like that, and I don't hear any of the other cornermen like that.




Its a fight, if you know anything about being coached, when you're trying to compete against another fighter, you have to be able to LISTEN TO INSTRUCTION, rather than gassing out and going balls to the wall!

A GREAT COACH teaches you through the FIGHT!



Could you repeat that please? I couldn't quite get it.

Another great thing about Matt's cornering is that it affects the judges! When you hear loud cornering like that, you instincitely start loking at the fight from the perspective of the fighter that's being cornered. So, you almost start thinking "wow, that other guy couldn't do anything to Shonie, Shonie gets out of everything" instead of thinking "Clementi got the mount, 2 points".

Also, if the corner yells "NICE KNEE!", and you didn't really see the knee because of the angle or whatnot.. you assume that there indeed was a nice knee thrown.

Actually that's a good point. I when I see a fight on TUF I tend to look at m ore in 'TV show' mode than I would if I was watching something on the UFC.

but the NY accent is not very appealing to the ears.

And why isn't that a benefit for a fighter fighting in the cage needing to pick out a corner's voice in plethora of screams?