Matt Serra Crosses the Line??

Does anyome know why GSP says that Matt Serra crossed the line? I have been out of the loop for a bit!

Please ANYONE!!

he said it because UFC told him to sound controversial before they shot the promo.

Matt is going to slap the slightly puffy nipples off GSP.

GSP shouldn't of started it in the first place.

I am not impressed by your preefoormance


basically about a month after Serra beat him, GSP
did a radio interview where he said he didn't take
training seriously, he only trained a few weeks, he
had family issues, etc.

said he didn't commit to training because he
thought it was "only matt serra"

whether any of it was true or not, GSP sounded like
he was making a bunch of excuses and not giving
credit to Matt

so Matt hears about the interview and he goes off,
"fuck you frenchie" and "go back to your wine and
your hockey game" ... you know how Serra can get,
those sort of comedy insults

however GSP is very proud of his Quebec heritage,
he has a fleur de lis tattoo. so he took the insults
very personally

also, before the lead-up to the fight, GSP had been

training at Renzo's in NYC. but because of the
interview controversy, he was told he was no
longer welcome there. of course Renzo was
Serra's instructor, so maybe Matt had something to
do with GSP being banished

WELCOME MATT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

interestingly GSP then did another interview where
he reversed himself and said he has a lot of
respect for Matt, and he meant nothing wrong by
his comments, he was not trying to take away from
Matt's win, he was only trying to explain his own

no matter what, i think GSP always comes off a
classy guy

i think Serra is basically classy too, and a fine
coach and teacher, but his comedy mouth
sometimes runs away from him. it is like his wise
guy thing is compulsive, he can't help himself

if you watch the extra footage on the TUF 4 DVD
set, you will see Serra cracking wise more than
anyone can stand. some of the jokes are beyond
lame. he just pumps it out like he is a stand-up
comic dying on stage.

anybody else would've stopped after the second
joke tanked, but Serra just won't shut up

GSP tried to explain his lose to Serra, but in all can you explain a ass whooping like that? there are not enuff excuses in the world that would justify the way he looked while getting a good New York beat down. I say Serra by tko, AGAIN!

i will bet my entire package( dick and balls ) that gsp murders serra early this go around

^^^just plain creepy alert bet your "package".....i'll bet my screen name

Ahha! The makings of an interesting side bet here.

Serra by sub

he reely cross de line when he beata me up anda make me tap.