Matt Serra Interview From 9/12, Big Personal News

Former UFC Champion Matt Serra was cornering a couple of his fighters at Ring of Combat 21 on Friday night at the Tropicana in Atlantic City.  I snagged this interview in the fighters’ dressing room area and since Matt always attracts a crowd, it was taped before a live audience.

Garv: Here with my main man Matt Serra, what’s up Matt!

Serra: What’s up, Garv!

Garv: How about that Tim Sylvia/Fedor fight. You must have enjoyed that, huh?

Serra: Oh man, dude. I don’t take potshots at a guy losing a fight. It’s MMA and it’s bad karma. I’m not a big Tim Sylvia fan but he does fight whoever they put in front of him so, you know.

Garv: So classy!

Serra: Yeah, did I actually just put that into a compliment?  (crowd laughs)  Everybody thinks I’m a prick, you see, there ya go.  That’ll change some of opinions maybe.

Garv: I think it will.

Serra: I doubt it though. I doubt it.

Garv: You know, that accent of yours, some people just love to hate New Yorkers.

Serra: I don’t know man.  The fans have always been great with me.  Boo me, cheer me, my interaction with them on the Internet and especially in person has always been positive.  I hardly get any dipshits. (crowd laughs)  I mostly get good people, you know.

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You guys hug after? Jk Hope he heals well and I'm looking forward to that fight.


I hear the gawwvs voice in my head when I read his interviews LOL

 Damn your interviews suck...



 LOL @ wfc

Still learning the number line, kid?

wont spoil the scoop But congrads Matt

 Good interview CZ!!!!

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Damn, thats alot of Long Island in one room. Was there some shitty club music pumping in the background?

 ttt for the Garvster!

He's a funny guy, that Matt Serra...its weird seeing him in person and realizing that he is indeed smaller than me (I'm 5'8"), yet he could completely dominate most people my size and bigger, haha.