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Matt Serra on the Late Late Show

Recorded May 22nd, 2007

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Thanks Evil

No problemo :)


^^^ I agree the whole thing was smooth

"I wish he would have punched Ferguson, what an annoying prick"

Really? I thought he was pretty cool. He gave Matt time to answer all his questions adn didn't say any of teh stupid common shit you get from interviewers who aren't involved in MMA.

I also think Matt is a great rep for the sport.

sweet Evil, good lookin


hahaha....pretty cool

nah  ferg was funny and cool.

That was one of, if not the, best interview I have ever seen a MMA fighter give. Could you imagine Hughes sitting there... with that shitty smerk and ego driven answers? Thank god serra is the champ.

EM Rocks

Serra is awesome, lol at him coming right back at Ferguson and make funning of his accent. Such a cool down to earth guy.

I thought it was a fantastic interview.

Serra was all class with a good sense of humor and Ferguson is actually one of the better late night hosts.

Better than Conan O'fucking'Brian.




Went well.

Nice that the interviewer didn't have to carry the conversation.

Hard to find that in any sport.

did this air yet?

yes just answered my own question