Matt Serra’s sponsor for UFC 83 (pic)

Ebay for guns



 ya think he could have fit any other sponsors on there? 

"buy guns, sell guns"................??

Fathead D - 

 ya think he could have fit any other sponsors on there? 

 I'm sure if he could of, he would have LOL. Looks like Serra will get paid for this fight.

 That will not further the American stereotype in Canada at all....

is this serious?

BTR - is this serious?

i hope so

Gunsamerica sucks is much better.

That outfit makes him look like a racing car. I really want Matt to win and make as much money as he can, but having all of those sponsors makes me think he's not so confident he is going to win and he is trying to get every cent he can while he is champ.

 Gunbroker is a much better option.


But the EE on trumps them all.

I suddenly have the urge to buy a gun

I love it!

That's the greatest fighter sponsor ever. It makes me want to buy a gun.


Where's How about


Wow. I'm so excited for our nation's youth to see the welterweight champ telling them to buy and sell guns. Woo hoo.

I hope he gets the shit kicked out of him just for taking that sponsor.

that is comedy!!

gun advertisement in Canada LOL.


Shady Ltd. is sponsoring fighters now?