Matt Serra...

Nice job speaking up and saying what I'm sure alot of people think...

i will say that i never liked Serra, always thought HE was a cocky little shit, talked to much, etc.....
But i am beginning to like him a little bit seeing him on this show..... and i agree with him on what he was saying!

wonder how rolling went between the 2

but then again...... i can also say i know a LOT of guys who never fought a MMA/NHB match in their lives and they could teach ALOT of fighters a thing or two........

Lame of Laimon not to give Royce any respect for fighting Hughes.

Serra seems like a really nice guy, and is one the best cornerman I've heard. Great mix of motivation, positivity, and sound technical advice.

Laimon called Royce an asshole or something in that clip right. Pretty disrespectful toward someone you trained under.

Disrespectful IMO. Instead of praising Matt for a great performance he chose to bash Royce. Im no Gracie fan these days but you have to give respect when due. Same with Sham. Sure hes a little wacky now but he is a pioneer bottom line.

Didn't Marc move out from Wisconsin to train with Royce and Rorion way back in the day?

Of course he's going to talk smack, there's bad blood after/why he left.


Laimon seems like a a total prick saying Hughes demolished Royce right in front of Matt. If he knew what he was doing he's a dick and if he didn't he's a dumb dick. Matt acted pretty cool considering what was said right in his face. I wish he would put a hurting on Lemon. Yeah thats what I'm gonna call him from now on.

Why the bad blood why did he leave?

"but then again...... i can also say i know a LOT of guys who never fought a MMA/NHB match in their lives and they could teach ALOT of fighters a thing or two........"

Classic example of delusion

"imo he is right about Royce retiring after the shamrock2 match. royce hasn't done squat except look bad since and he looked like a grappling dummy with matt hughes."

He held his own against Sakuraba when Sak was at the top of his game and he tooled Yoshida and got big paydays to do it. Yeah, he should've really retired you idiot.

Marc would tool him.

thats funny that marc would talk about someone so bad but yet thats where he started off... thats where everyone in jiu-jitsu prett much came from the gracie academy... marcs just pissed bc he barely beat ryron by running

marc looked to be dominating when the two were rolling.

marc didn't say anything that is untrue. saying royce got destroyed is a truth.

also, the comment about rickson was just that he'd like to see how good he really is by training with him...who wouldn't?

a lot of drama over nothing imo.

Barely beat him? If you were there and watched it you are confused and should change your name to JiuJitsuqueen.

It really only showed one clip of them wrestling and it looked like they were working Serra getting out from Marc on top.

I thought the Rickson part was more than him saying that he would like to roll with him to see why everyone says he is so great. It seemed more like he though all the talk was bs. People say he ran from Ryron, and from all accounts Ryron is no where near Rickson on the mat.

could marc laimon beat rigan machado?

I would take Serra as a coach from what I have seem so far.