Matt Stone is worth 700 million dollars

Apparently the guy from South Park, the lesser known of the two, is the second richest comedian in the world and has a net worth of 700 million dollars.

Trey Parker is worth a bit less.

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Yeah. They have been worth legit ‘fuck you’ money for 15 years.

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Trey does most of the work doesn’t he? Wonder why he’s worth less

Probably bought the lion’s share of Casa Bonita.


MAtt stone is Jewish and no doubt invested more wisely

Stone got pretty deep in buying and selling real estate.

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In their business they’re 50/50.

Damn. Good for that dude.

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Wasnt their new Comedy Central deal for close to 1 Billion? Or am i a retard?

I mean im probably a retard even if i am correct.


Confirmed. Retard.

Idk anything about the deal tho


They were way ahead of the game and got full digital content rights for their work before that was even an idea of a thing.

Fast forward to when it was everything and they sold their digital catalogue for the crazy numbers you’re thinking.

Hence them being worth many hundreds of millions each.


Lol. Sweet post.