Matt T.-Series 2 Bottom position

Matt,While watching your Bottom position tape for the 100th time,I noticed when you talk about "recieving" the Top guy,you say both elbows/forearms under is superior to the classic far arm underhook.I went back on the Florida seminar tape,which I recently purchased,and during the seminar,you teach the importance of recieving the top guy with the top arm underhook.Did you go back to the underhook ?

What you see is evolution in the 2 years between those tapes. The thing that has never changed is to keep your arms between you and your opp. As far as the two positions I would say that we prefer to recive with an underhook and on our side.


Thanks,Adam,that fits along the lines I was thinking of.


In both positions you must have your hands between you and your opponent. One we call boxing hand position, (two arms up, the other underhook position, far arm down over stomouch, near side arm up. In both position you need to keep your elbows in tight, and defend the underhooks.

Which one you use depends on how the top person is holding you, and how they passed the guard.

In general I prefer one up one down, but I use both.

Hope that helps
-Matt Thornton

Matt,Good explanation.I really like the way you put your teaching tapes together,I use your concepts frequently when I teach my BJJ class.Thanks

How dare Adam and Matt allow themselves to EVOLVE as martial artist'.....;-) Wait, that's what they're all about....:-)

Thanks BJJwrestler,

Adam is correct on the evolution, and the biggest change was really thinking of using your arms to cover your upper body and not allow your opponent any tabletop. So they never get chest to chest contact.

This is a different feel from reaching with that underhook while flat, which almost never works if the person on top is skilled, and/or heavy. It's got to be 90% hips, and 10% upper body in the equation.

-Matt Thornton

The power of the underhook form all positions is tremendous.

...tremendous....all positions...from underhook...yes


Could it be...The Holy Grail. Fernando

"This is a different feel from reaching with that underhook while flat, which almost never works if the person on top is skilled, and/or heavy."

I just had an epiphanal moment. Thanks Matt.

underhook underhook---shout the little people from the side of the matt.

I learned about the usefulness of the underhook for grappling from the Florida tape. That SINGLE piece of advice was instrumental in improving my bottom game big time. Thank you SBGi!


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