Matt Thornton FL. BJJ seminar clip

Matt Thornton Florida Seminar Fall 2003 Highlights!
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As to the content:

The Matt Thornton Florida Seminar 2003 DVD set is dedicated to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as trained by the SBGI and features the organizations unique, proven, and readily transferable coaching methods that are sure to rapidly increase your learning curve and assure your success and longevity with this beautiful and effective art, sport and self-defense approach.

Featured are white through black belts, men and women, ages 13 through 45 and all working hand in hand with the same material and from introduction on through to integration.

The atmosphere and material on this set clearly shows that fun and intensity, sport and recreation, performance and contribution can all come together in an integrated curriculum, coaching philosophy and FUN-ctional training environment. If you truly want to experience BJJ as done by the SBGI on a day to day basis, look no further!

Just some of the topics covered on the set:

SBGi Training Methodology (Increasing your growth curve through smart training.)

1.)Non-Attribute Based Training

a.)Training relaxed and have fun (mental /psychological)

b.)Training healthy or with physical well being and longevity in mind.

c.)Training technically. (Shelf attributes and individual strengths.)

d.)Training attribute stripped movements and delivery systems. (Fundamentals)

e.)Drill all fundamentals endlessly.

I-Method (Shown throughout the set by example.)

Safety Position, Posture, and Combat Base (Building a safe foundation to work from.)

Opening the Guard (The basic dos and donts of gi and no gi.)

The Pit Stop from the high climb to arm bar, triangle and omo plata. (Active working position from the high climb that allows for both rest and aggressive attackes.)

The 2 on 1 Guard Pass (A seemingly unorthodox but high percentage pass that immediately gives you several options to take.)

The NHB Guard (Working strategy of the A.P.E. guard in addressing strikes.)

Climbing Guard (Using the high guard to set up submissions based on also controlling your opponent and keeping them trapped at the same time.)

Assuring the Arm Bar (Key methods to attain, and counter arm bar counters to assure your submission.)

Countering the Kimura (Basic counters to one of the most high percentage submissions in both gi and no gi games.)

Holding Top Position (Fundamental Five of attaining, maintaining and transitioning while holding top.)

Crushing Game (All about creating the necessary pressures to allow for submissions to happen and become available to you. A very motivational game and approach to say the least.)

Pomitions (Keeping tight and securing submissions in a way that does not compromise position. Position and Submission as one.)

Floating Game (Imagine surfing on a stronger and larger opponent and only coming in for a landing between his efforts or ready made submissions. The floating game relies on balance and timing and creates submissions less through pressure but more so on and with motion.)

Tempo / Slow Rolling & Matches (Technical Integrations done as warm ups, drilling methods, and competitive exercises. Plenty here to play over and over and catch glimpses of tactics and game styles.)


One Dragon MA / SBGI Florida


Luis: thanks a bunch for working with peter he faught like a champ and I know you had alot to do with it!


I heard both of you guys rocked!

As for my short time with Peter, I just made sure the guy had enough go to do just that.

Congrats to you both,