Matt Thornton Seminar in Cambridge

Real Combat Fight Club is hosting a Matt Thornton (BJJ Blackbelt & SBG founder) Aliveness seminar on April 24 & 25 in Cambridge, ON. It will be held at 1111 Franklin Blvd Unit 5.

To register or for more info contact Jim Grove at 519-623-8550 and/or



What is going to be taught?


Stand up - Boxing, Muay Thai for MMA and street
Clinch - Greco-Roman clinches and takedowns - with and without strikes for MMA and street
Ground - BJJ for MMA and street

Call or e-mail Jim Grove for the cost

I am looking forward to this!


top for Matt and Jeff


Jeff: Please tell Jim that I just mailed him a cheque for Rebecca
and I.


Will do, Thanks Stickmaster

See you in late April!

This is going to be a great seminar.

Mike - from Oregon at Matt's camp

Hi Jeff I am going to attend I just don't know what day yet.

Thats awesome Dave! Just let me know!

Hope you can make it Mikey!!!

TTT for Matt and Jim for organizing this!!!