Matt Thornton Singapore Seminar

Matt will be teaching a 2-day seminar in Singapore on the 15 & 16th May.

Location: Orchard Hotel
Time: 11am - 4pm
Costs: S$200 for both days, S$120 for one day

For seminar registration:

SBGi Singapore ATG
Contact: Kon
Phone: (65) 9677 1737

I'm so jealous of anyone that gets to go

This seminar will be one hell of an experience. Don't miss out at this great opportunity people!!!

Thanks for the good words guys

Looking forward to it Kon.

Kon, please e-mail me ASAP.

Word to the wise. If you see Matt walking around with a pair of Numchucks.....DUCK!

if u see matt walking ure neck.

Lol...and why aren't you coming Liam? :-)

TTT for Matt in Singapore!

Money. I guess it makes the world go round :(