Matt Thornton-Trenton-May 20/21

Straight Blast Gym founder Matt Thornton will be in Trenton, Ontario
on May 20 and 21 to teach a two-day seminar. The seminar is being
hosted by Jay Chin-Leung's Trenton MMA club and will be held on the
military base there. He has arranged to have special accommodations
available for out of town guests as well as "after training" activities.
This will be a great way to spend the long weekend!

Contact: Jason Chin-Leung

8 Wing/CFB Trenton, 75 Anson Ave, Trenton, ON

Tel: (613) 966-0369




Cool I should be there

Matt's seminars are the best MMA seminars Ive attended. Ive done 3 now and learn new stuff each time.

Greg Compton

I've seen one or two of his seminars on tape and he is an excellent teacher ... I wish he was making it out to the east coast :-(

Matt is one of the best clinicians in the business. His seminars are always a 'brain-full' and a hell of a lot of fun to boot.

Wish I could get there!



All info on SBGi in Canada can be found on the SBGi Canada Blog.



Download the seminar flyer here:



The seminar is this weekend. It should be fun.

Greg I hope you can make it this weekend. I was out to Gladiators on sunday but you weren't there. A couple of us are meeting tonight for an open mat in trenton if you can make it we'll be training from 7-10pm.

It was a great weekend, an awesome seminar, I had a great time. I hope Matt comes back again soon. I think I'm going to pick up some of his dvd's when I have the extra cash.

Mike are you going to put any pics up on here?

I just got back. I will post a couple pics a bit later. Nice to meet you

Cool, looking forward to seeing to them. It was good to meet you to Mike and everyone else, it was a great group of people there.

I posted a few pics on my site. Check them out there.


Cool pictures thanks for posting them Mike.